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The first step when working with Tapestri Insights is to add samples from a Tapestri Pipeline .loom file. Optionally, you can upload a whitelist file so that identified variants will be ignored by the filtering parameters.

Tapestri Pipeline outputs data in the Loom file format. Large object oriented memory (Loom) is an efficient file format for very large omics datasets, consisting of a main matrix along with row and column metadata. The Tapestri platform added multiple layers to this file format to accommodate single-cell genotype data as opposed to only single batch processing. Tapestri Insights uses this file format to quickly read and analyze large amounts of single-cell genotype data.

Note: Tapestri Insights only works with .loom files created by Tapestri Pipeline, not other pipelines. 

Multiple .loom files can be uploaded, but they must have the same versions. For example, you cannot use a Loom v1.0 file and a Loom v2.2 file.

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