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A fish plot shows the variation of mutations over time. A fish plot must contain at least two samples and one subclone. Clicking in the horizontal bar with the words Fish Plot displays the plot.


Click the TI_Settings_Icon.png icon to customize the display colors for the subclones. Change the color and click Apply. To revert back to the default colors, click Reset.


The Export button in the top-right corner allows you to export the filtered data, the selected data, summary report, fish plot, and subclones table.

Refer to this section for more information about the .zip file created when exporting filtered data or selected data.

Exporting a summary report generates a single .pdf or .html file containing information like sequencing metrics, advanced filtering, and a bar plot or fish plot for visualizing the subclones in the samples. Exporting the fish plot generates a single .png, .pdf, or .svg file. Exporting the subclones table generates a single .csv file.

Plot Controls

Sample: Click the samples to include in the fish plot. A fish plot requires at least two samples.

Timepoint: Edit this number by clicking the TI_Pencil_Icon.png icon to determine the location of the sample in the plot. The number must be unique and non-negative. The sample with the lowest number displays to the left.

Subclone Hierarchy: The subclones can be rearranged and regrouped to depict the clonal evolution. Select the subclone and use the TI_Fish_Plot_Arrows.png arrow keys at the bottom to move the subclones to define a hierarchy. Uncheck the subclone box to remove it from the plot.

The use case for this is to see mutations over time. For example, the first sample may come from the time of diagnosis, the second during treatment, the third during remission, and the fourth at relapse.

Subclones Table

This table is identical to the one displayed in the Review Variants page. Please refer to that section for more detail. In the box to the left, select which subclones to display. At least one subclone is required to display a fish plot.

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