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A heat map shows how many clusters are in a sample with each line representing a cell. Clicking in the horizontal bar with the words Heat Map displays the heat map.


Click the TI_Settings_Icon.png icon to customize the display colors for the subclones. Change the color and click Apply. To revert back to the default colors, click Reset.


The Export button in the top-right corner allows you to export the filtered data, the selected data, summary report, and heat map.

Refer to this section for more information about the .zip file created when exporting filtered data or selected data.

Exporting a summary report generates a single .pdf or .html file containing information like sequencing metrics, advanced filtering, and a bar plot or fish plot for visualizing the subclones in the samples. Exporting the heat map generates a single .png, .pdf, or .svg file.

Plot Controls

AF / NGT: AF shows the allele frequency and NGT shows the genotype.

Show 1000 cell sample: Clicking this option shows only a random sample of 1000 cells. Displaying all cells can take a long time.

Show subclones: Display the subclones, small subclones, and missing GT subclones as a color bar to the left.

Show legend: Display labels for the subclones, small subclones, and missing GT subclones at the top of the heat map.

Show variant names: Show the variant names at the bottom of the heat map.

Magnification: Choose to zoom in, zoom out, or fit to window. 

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