Can I export data from Insights?

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Yes, each step in the process – Load Samples, Review Variants, and Review Subclones – provides numerous options for exporting data.

Tapestri Insights allows you to export figures, such as fish plots and bar plots, that may be readily used for publication purposes. 

In addition, Tapestri Insights enables the export of numeric data, such as cell and variant-specific genotype quality scores or variant allele frequencies:

  • AF.csv
    • Numeric matrix with variant allele frequencies (VAF) per cell and per variant
  • DP.csv
    • Numeric matrix with read counts per cell and per variant
  • GQ.csv
    • Numeric matrix with genotype quality values per cell and per variant
  • NGT.csv
    • Numeric matrix with genotypes per cell and per variant
      • 0 = Reference (Wildtype)
      • 1 = Heterozygous Mutant
      • 2 = Homozygous Mutant
      • 3 = Missing Data
  • README.txt
  • SNP_INFO.csv
    • Annotation information for each variant
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