What’s the optimal cell number and concentration?

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For DNA-only and DNA/protein applications, the total number of cells required for cartridge loading is 100,000 in 35 µL.

Note: If fewer than 100,000 cells in 35 µL are provided, the quality of the data may be impacted, such as cell throughput. Cell input numbers as low as 35,000 in 35 µL have been reported to result in data but outside the standard product specifications, with cell throughput < 5,000.

A minimum of 35 µL of cell suspension is required for encapsulating cells.

Cell preparation

To account for sample loss and cell quantification, we recommend starting with a minimum number of cells:

  • 0.5 million – DNA-only applications
  • 2 million – DNA/protein applications

The DNA/protein workflow includes a staining step that requires multiple washing steps prior to loading the cells onto the cartridge for encapsulation. Therefore, we recommend starting with a 4x higher cell number as compared to DNA-only applications.

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