What if the Bead volume is > 120 μL after Barcoding?

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If there is excess volume left in the Barcoding Bead reservoir of the cartridge, please contact support@missionbio.com.

  • Measure the leftover volume of the other reagents.
  • Carefully inspect the emulsions of the 8 sample tubes.
  • Move forward with the workflow, and record 1st PCR DNA concentrations (Qubit). 

Potential reasons for excess leftover volume of more than 120 μL after the Barcoding program has completed:

Reason Suggested Resolution
Insufficient vortexing of Barcoding Beads Vortex Barcoding Beads tube for 1 minute immediately prior to reagent loading.
Debris inside the cartridge Protect the cartridge from its environment at all times when not in use.
Instrument-related pressure issue Export the log files from the Instrument and send them to Mission Bio Support for review.
Cartridge-related gasket issue Verify that the gasket is positioned correctly on top of the cartridge.
Cartridge-related issue (e.g., microfluidics channel compromised) Record the cartridge serial number, keep the cartridge, and contact Mission Bio Support.
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