How long can I store my emulsions before proceeding?

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DNA-only workflow

Emulsions after Encapsulation

Generally, we do not recommend storing the emulsions after Encapsulation for more than a few minutes at 4 °C before proceeding to the Lysis/Digest thermal cycling program.

After the Lysis/Digest thermal cycling program is complete, emulsions may be stored at 4 °C but must be processed within 24 hours (Barcoding).

Emulsions after Barcoding

The eight-tube barcoding emulsions need to be processed immediately, or stored at 4 °C short-term, after the Barcoding program/UV treatment is completed to ensure efficient PCR amplification. 

After Targeted PCR (1st PCR), emulsions may be stored at 4 °C for up to 24 hours before breaking them. 

DNA/protein workflow

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