Tapestri Insights v2.2

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v2.2 18 Nov 2019

Tapestri Insights v2.2 Key Highlights:

  • Support barcodes in the LOOM file,
  • Changes to the Summary Report, and
  • Includes performance enhancements and bug fixes. 

Specific improvements include:

  1. Cell Barcodes: Read .loom files with cell barcodes and output the cell barcodes to the exported files.
  2. Summary Report: The VAF Table displays the protein name in the Summary Report when available and shows the VAF by read count value. The report now displays the same information as in the Subclones Table. The report file name can contain Unicode characters.
  3. macOS Catalina: Insights now properly notarizes Insights so that it runs on Catalina without having to first right-click the application.
  4. Whitelist File Validation: More checks were put into place to validate the .csv whitelist file. It must have at least two columns and be comma-separated. Any other separator will cause an error message. If it contains any target other than regions, an error message displays.
  5. Bug Fixes:
    1. If a .bed file associated with a sample is moved, an error message displays when reloading the analysis.
    2. Multiple items were fixed when exporting a Summary Report. From the fish plot screen, sometimes an error message was generated upon export. If the report was exported multiple times, an error occurred. These issues are now resolved. 
    3. After downloading and running the full Windows installer, sometimes Insights did not launch. This is fixed.
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