Tapestri Insights v2.1

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v2.1 16 Jul 2019

Tapestri Insights v2.1 Key Highlights:

  • Includes an analysis Summary Report with sequencing metrics, VAFs, subclone population, and visualization,
  • User customizable colors for subclone visualization,
  • Exports histograms of QC filters,
  • Subclone data is now included in exported data, and
  • Includes performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Specific improvements include:

  1. Remove analysis: It is now possible to remove a recent analysis by clicking the red x button.
  2. Summary Report: Created a report that includes sequencing metrics, advanced filter histograms, single-cell genotyping (VAFs of selected variants and clones detected), and a fish plot. It directly exports to a PDF.
  3. SNP_INFO Exported File: All columns from the Variants Table, whether visible or not, are exported. They are listed in the order displayed in the table.
  4. Heat Maps and Fish Plots: These are now turned on by default. Fish plots now allow users to select colors.
  5. MS Windows Display: Insights supports high DPI support, making the display better.
  6. Maximizing Sections: The sections can be maximized by clicking in the section header instead of on the icon.
  7. Variant Display: The Variant Viewer now only displays the selected variants in the Variants Table.
  8. Variant Review Export: Only the visible columns are exported.
  9. macOS Mojave: Insights runs on Mojave.
  10. Bug Fixes: 
    1. When exporting a .csv file, the first three columns are no longer blank.
    2. Saved files now include the whitelist if one was selected. 
    3. The subclone color no longer changes after deselecting a subclone. Each subclone is assigned a unique color.
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