How to fix Tapestri Insights GUI display issues?

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Tapestri Insights version 2.2 does not feature an in-app scaling function that lets you downsize the native text size, which leads to scaling issues of the graphical user interface (GUI).

Change the Scaling Priority from App-driven to Windows-driven:

  • Right-click on the Mission Bio Tapestri Insights logo on your taskbar. 
  • Right-click on Tapestri Insights, then select Properties.
  • Select the Compatibility tab.
  • Click on the Change High DPI settings button on the bottom of that page. Then select
    the checkbox that says Override High DPI Scaling Behavior.
  • Under the Scaling Performed By: dropdown menu, change it from Application to System.
  • Close Tapestri Insights and relaunch the program.
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