Release Notes v3.0.x

  • Updated

Tapestri Insights v3.0.2 3 December 2020 Highlights

  • Fixed the link to the Walkthrough
  • Updated to run on macOS 11.0 (Big Sur)

Tapestri Insights v3.0 29 October 2020 Key Highlights

  • DNA + Protein analysis
  • Import multi-sample .h5 files instead of .loom files, which are actually .h5 files
  • Include more visualizations – UMAP plot, XY plot, and Violin plot

Specific improvements include

  1. Changed the workflow from Load Samples, Review Variants, Review Subclones to Filter and Explore
  2. Added an XY (scatter) plot visualization with k-means clustering over VAF (variant allele frequency) and NGT (numbered genotype) and with variant VAF and NGT score view
  3. Allow the manual selection of the variants and proteins used for analysis
  4. Added p-values for proteins, calculated using a t-test on the normalized expression
  5. Added a new feature score for DNA, which is the maximum of the difference in median values between pairwise combinations of clusters
  6. Added new methods for clustering – DBScan (density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise) and Louvain
  7. Added asinh (inverse hyperbolic sine function) and CLR (centered log ratio) normalization methods for protein data
  8. Changed the AF (allele frequency) filter for mutations, only filtering HETs that fall outside the range
  9. Removed the Summary Report .pdf, Heat Map, and .tap files
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