.h5 file generation

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Tapestri Pipeline v2 generates an .h5 output file, which is a multi-omics file format stored in a structured HDF5 file. This file can contain data for one or more runs. Each run can contain data for one or more "assays," where each assay contains data for a different analyte. The .h5 file consist of the following details:

  1. Metadata like the run name, panel name, panel size, sequencing metrics, and ADO details.
  2. Assays – 1 assay for per analyte:
    1. DNA variant data, which is the same data used to generate the .loom files and can be used for SNV-based analysis.
    2. DNA read count data consists of the barcode read distribution matrix that is used for analyzing copy number changes.
    3. Protein read count data DNA + Protein runs.
  3. All barcode data is the read count information for all the barcodes and not just the barcodes called as cells.
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