Updating Tapestri Instrument Firmware

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Tapestri Instrument Firmware (FW) MUST be updated prior to processing samples with Tapestri Single-Cell Core reagents v3. If running v2 and v3 samples on the same Tapestri Instrument, ensure you select the appropriate chemistry to be run each time prior to processing samples.

NOTE: Only Tapestri instruments with serial numbers MBT-2020 and higher (located on the back of the instrument) support the new v3 chemistry. If you are using only v2 chemistry, there is no need to update your instrument's firmware. 

  1. To get started, please use the USB flash drive that was shipped with your instrument or locate a 1GB USB flash drive with the following specifications: 
  • pSLC/SLC type
  • FAT format
  • Ensure the USB flash drive is not named "NO_NAME" or is unnamed. Rename if needed (the flash drive that came with your instrument may need to be renamed).

  • Ensure that the file name is the same as the download link and not renamed by the system.
  1. Download the firmware and transfer it to the USB flash drive:

NOTE: Do not use this firmware with Tapestri Instruments Serial Number below MBT-2020 

  1. Turn on the Tapestri instrument.
  2. From the home screen, tap the ? icon to enter the help screen.
  3. Tap the middle of the screen (firmware number) three times. Two additional buttons will appear.
  4. Insert designated USB flash drive into the instrument (USB port located on the instrument backside).
  5. Press Update Firmware to upload the new firmware. This process may take several seconds. Once firmware is uploaded, the instrument will reboot, indicating a successful update. The firmware version number is displayed on the top right corner of the screen or by returning to the help screen.
  6. If “update unsuccessful” pop up appears, please repeat and/or reach out to support@missionbio.com.


Firmware 3.14 and above supports both v2 and v3 chemistries. Changing between v2 and v3 chemistry is covered in this article

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