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  • Sample Preparation

    Sample Preparation

    Discover which sample types are supported and how to prepare single-cell or nuclei suspensions.

  • Tapestri Instrument

    Tapestri Instrument

    Learn about the Tapestri Instrument, including the product dimensions, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

  • Experimental Workflow

    Experimental Workflow

    Discover the Tapestri Platform and access the User Guides for your applications.

  • Sequencing


    Explore sequencing of Tapestri libraries, such as supported sequencers and recommendations for sequencing runs.

  • Tapestri Portal

    Tapestri Portal

    Sign up, sign in, and submit. Discover our software tools and datasets.

  • Tapestri Designer

    Tapestri Designer

    Create custom single-cell DNA panels for your research needs.

  • Tapestri Pipeline

    Tapestri Pipeline

    From FASTQ to annotated VCF files – learn how Tapestri Pipeline works from start to finish.

  • Tapestri Insights

    Tapestri Insights

    Visualize variants and subclones to reveal clonal heterogeneity.

  • Developer Tools

    Developer Tools

    Use Mosaic for advanced data exploration.