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Click the name of a dataset to display a page containing a dataset summary and details, as well as the files to download. 

Datasets may contain the following files:

  • .barcode.cell.distribution.tsv: A tab-delimited file containing the barcode distribution across the amplicons generated by Tapestri Pipeline.
  • .loom: The omics dataset in the Loom file format output from Tapestri Pipeline.
  • .tsv: A tab-delimited file containing the antibody tag count across various cells generated by the protein pipeline.

View Panel: Click this button to view the details of the panel used to generate the dataset. This will open the panel details page in Designer.

Download All: Click this button to download a single .zip file containing all the files associated with the dataset, i.e., all files listed in the Files table.

Search: Use the Search feature to locate relevant information quickly.

Sort: Reorder the items by any column in ascending or descending order by clicking the header name.

Show Batch Download Instructions: Click this button to display instructions to download the files via the command line using curl and wget. Select curl or wget, and click the "Copy to clipboard" button. Paste the instructions into your terminal and press Enter. File download will start immediately. Note that you will be asked to login before you can view the download instructions.

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