Why can’t I create an account?

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Errors may happen during the account creation process for several reasons. If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact support@missionbio.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Email address
    When a user signs up, we must verify the email address. We send users a verification email with a link they must click on. If the email does not arrive, check your spam folder. If it is still not there, then the email address was invalid or mistakenly typed. Please sign up again with a valid email.
  2. Network settings
    Some companies have a ‘content filter’ or firewall that blocks access to certain sites. Contact your IT department to whitelist the domains listed in option 3 below.
  3. Browser settings
    We need permission to create cookies and use local storage in all browsers. These settings need to be enabled for these domains:
    • tapestriportal.com
    • tapestridesigner.com
    • api.missionbio.io
    • portal.missionbio.com
    • designer.missionbio.com
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