Data Storage and Management

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Mission Bio's Data Storage and Management Policy

All the data uploaded to and processed by the application is stored to Amazon's Simple Storage Service(Amazon S3) cloud infrastructure. Details about the same are available on our website.

Data Management by Customers

The data is stored securely on our servers and can be managed by the clients as defined below:

  1. Upload the FASTQ files using one of the data upload methods as defined here.
  2. Process the data using the available pipelines.
  3. After the pipeline completes, download all the output files using the Bulk Download method described here.
  4. Once all files are downloaded, select the run to delete and click the icon on the left and click Delete. 
  5. A confirmation message is seen as:

  6. If you are sure you want to delete the run, then click Yes, Delete Run(s). Else close this dialog box and the run will not be deleted.
  7. Once the run is deleted the input files can also be deleted from our servers. Go to Files tab, select the files to be deleted and click the icon on the left. The files will be permanently deleted from our servers.
  8. For both Run and File deletion multiple rows can be chosen and deleted together using the delete icon at the top of the table.

NOTE: This action would permanently delete the run and all its associated output files for all the members in the account. Delete it only if you are sure you have downloaded all the files first. Please be considerate when deleting files and avoid rerunning samples after deletion to avoid unnecessary processing costs. 


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