Amplicon format

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Tapestri Designer currently allows usage of predesigned amplicons to create a panel.

For each amplicon, following information should be present:

  • Amplicon ID: This is the system generated ID. It is seen in the output files available in the results zip file.

  • Chromosome Number: The chromosome number of the amplicon. 
  • Amplicon Start: The start coordinate of the amplicon.
  • Insert Start: The start coordinate of the insert region.
  • Insert End: The end coordinate of the insert.
  • Amplicon End: The end coordinate of the amplicon
  • Genome: The genome ID that the amplicons belong to.
  • Forward Primer: The forward primer sequence of the amplicon. 
  • Reverse Primer: The reverse primer sequence of the amplicon.


MYE_v2_CSF3R_36932055	chr1	36932036	36932056	36932276	36932296	hg19	ACAGTCGTCCTCCTGGCTTG	CAGACCTATGTGCTCCAGGG
  • The amplicons can be tab separated or comma separated.

  • Duplicate amplicons are not allowed.

  • Overlapping amplicons are not allowed.
  • Amplicon length should be between 139 and 375.
  • Primer length should be between 18 and 35.
  • The amplicon coordinates should be one-based, fully closed. Otherwise, you may encounter an error "Primer sequences do not match with reference".
  • We recommend using [panel-id]-design-summary.csv or the [panel-id] from a previously designed custom panel or catalog panel, to reuse the amplicons from those panels, and to avoid coordinates and formatting issues.

  • Download sample file template.
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