Tapestri Core Kits v3 General Q&A

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Why should I switch to Tapestri DNA and DNA + Protein Core Kits v3?

More robust data: combines updated chemistry and a novel pipeline resulting in higher cell capture, improved sensitivity and platform robustness 


Do any storage conditions change for Core Kits v3?


Core kits v2 comprised an ambient box to be stored at room temperature, a -20 °C box to be stored at -20  °C, BHT Barcoding Oil to be stored at +4 °C, and Barcoding Beads to be stored at +4 °C.

Core kits v3 comprise a +4 °C box to be stored at +4 °C (this includes Encapsulation and Barcoding Oils), a -20 °C box to be stored at -20 °C, and Barcoding Beads to be stored at -20 °C.

The Protein Staining Box storage remains unchanged from v2 to v3 (+4 °C in both cases).

  Kit component 

Storage Condition

v2 Ambient kit Room Temperature
BHT Barcoding Oil +4 °C
Barcoding Beads +4 °C
-20 °C kit -20 °C
v3 +4°C kit +4 °C
Barcoding Beads -20 °C
-20 °C kit -20 °C
v2/v3 Protein Staining kit +4°C


When will Tapestri DNA and DNA + Protein Core Kits v3 be available? 

The product will be ready to ship on June 12, 2023 (in the U.S. & E.U.). Contact your account manager for order details. 


Will Tapestri DNA and DNA + Protein Core Kits v2 be discontinued? 

Tapestri DNA and DNA + Protein Core Kits v2 are orderable and shippable (while supplies last) until Dec 29, 2023. After this date, v2 products will be officially discontinued.  


How long can data generated with v2 kits be processed on the Tapestri Pipeline v2?

Support for Core kits v2 will continue until September 30, 2024. Tapestri Pipeline v2 and Tapestri Insights support will end on December 31, 2024.


I am in the middle of a project, can I still order Tapestri DNA Core kits v2 and DNA + Protein Core kits v2?

Yes, Tapestri Core kits v2 will continue to be in stock for a limited time. Please contact your account manager for more information.


Can I mix core reagents from v3 kits with v2 kits ? 

No. Kit components across v2 and v3 kits cannot be interchanged. You must exclusively use reagents from v2 or v3 kits for your experiments.  


Can I still use my existing catalog or custom panel with Tapestri Core kits v3? 

Yes, existing oligo panels can be used with Tapestri core kit v3 reagents.


Can I use cartridges that shipped with v3 core kits with Tapestri Core kits v2?

No. Tapestri Cartridge kits that shipped with v3 kits cannot be used with Tapestri Core kits v2.  Tapestri v3 kits are easily identifiable via the v3 label on the product box.  


Can I use v2 cartridges with v3 chemistry and vice versa?

No, cartridges should not be mixed between v2 core kits and v3 core kits


Do Tapestri Core Kit v3 reagents require a new User Guide to process samples on the Tapestri? 

Yes, there are various modifications to the experimental workflow. A summary of the changes and new user guides can be found here. Please reach out to your regional FAS for additional information. 


Is my Tapestri instrument compatible with Tapestri Core kits v3?

Only Tapestri instruments with serial numbers MBT-2020 and higher support the new v3 chemistry. v3-associated firmware is available for download on our Support Center. Reach out to your local account manager for Tapestri instrument upgrade opportunities. 


Can I re-analyze previously run data from v2 core kits with Tapestri v3 pipeline? 

No. Tapestri Pipeline v3 has been developed together with Tapestri Core Kits v3 chemistry. Likewise Tapestri Pipeline v2 has been developed together with Tapestri Core Kits v2 chemistry. Processing v2 chemistry data with Tapestri Pipeline v3, or vice versa, is not permitted.


Can I run v2 and v3 chemistry on the same Tapestri Instrument? 

v2 and v3 kits require different firmware versions. If you will be using v2 and v3 kits concurrently in lab, you will have to switch the firmware ensuring the correct firmware prior to each run.  Alternatively, please reach out to your account manager for a loaner instrument to finish v2 projects.

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