What should I do for a pressure leak error?

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The following sources may result in a pressure leak error on the Tapestri Instrument. Note that one or multiple sources may be the root cause. 

  • The DNA cartridge is not properly mounted onto the baseplate.
    Ensure that the cartridge is oriented correctly
  • The gasket is not seated properly.
    Ensure that the gasket is positioned correctly onto the DNA cartridge with the long post hole sitting on top of the long post on the top-left corner of the cartridge.

  • Always use a new gasket for each run.

  • Multiple gaskets are mounted onto the DNA cartridge.
    Check if a second gasket may be attached to the lid and remove, if necessary.
  • The gasket is dirty or dusty.
    Ensure that the gasket is free of debris and dirt before applying it onto the DNA cartridge.

In rare cases, the Instrument lid itself or the DNA cartridge (e.g., cartridge delamination) may be contributing to a pressure leak error. If the pressure error persists, contact support@missionbio.com.

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