Tapestri DNA, DNA + Protein Pipeline v3 12 June 2023

  • Updated
  1. New Cell Finder - The new Correlation UMAP based cell finder helps capture more cells and remove invalid barcodes.
  2. Inclusion of Sentieon Tools - Addition of Sentieon tools for alignment and genotyping. These tools are concordant to the original BWA and GATK tools but are much faster. This has helped bring down the average runtime of the pipeline. 
  3. Faster Processing Time - The pipeline is at least 50% faster from the previous version for the same number of cells.
  4. Better Preflight Checks - The QC checks are updated to catch errors that would stall the pipeline at a later step thereby reducing the failures.
  5. Improved Output Files - The pipeline now creates fewer output files and all the information that was spread across multiple files is now added to either the h5 or the HTML report for easier access. Also all large files have been compressed to make them smaller in size and easier to download.
  6. Updated Protein Data Processing- Protein barcodes are now extracted and error corrected at the same time as cell barcodes thus making the process faster. There can be a minor change in the number of protein reads for the same dataset as compared to previous version due to updated cutadapt version.
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