What files do I need to run Pipeline?

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Tapestri Pipeline requires both .fastq files and the .zip file output file from Tapestri Designer.


Use fastq.gz files, which are compressed FASTQ files. The QC module has a check for validating the .gz files. If the files are not compressed, the QC module will fail. 

Format requirements:

  • Use a “.” only in the file extension and not in the file name. 
  • Include _R1_ and _R2_ to indicate Read1 and Read2 sequencing files. The flanking underscores are mandatory. 
  • Do not include spaces in the file name.

For example:


Tapestri Designer .zip file

Tapestri Designer outputs 10 files that are downloaded as a .zip file. This .zip file should be submitted to Tapestri Pipeline without any changes. For more information on this file, see this article.

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