What is the average run time of the GE Pipeline?

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GE Pipeline’s runtime scales with panel size, sequencing depth, and # cells, some actual run times are shown below. Similar runtimes are expected for on-premise execution with 32 cores being used for multiprocessing. In general, the runtimes are slightly longer than the Tapestri Pipeline V2 DNA pipeline.

Panel size (# amplicons) Total read pairs # cells Runtime
45 2.99 M 435 50m
45 139.05 M 489 11h 33m
45 130.92 M 1,419 7h 13m
49 86.99 M 22,496 17h 50m
266 94.25 M 1,811 6h 17m
266 942.67 M 1,991 2d 4h 26m
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