How do custom and catalog panels differ?

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The Mission Bio catalog panels are already designed, complete with targets and amplicons and available to all users. The amplicons for the experimentally validated panels are designed offline. These amplicons undergo several rounds of validation to ensure that the expected targets are always amplified in the samples. 

The pre-designed panels make use of custom amplicons. The targets for these panels are curated from various sources and cover all the known mutations that cause that particular disease, such as ALL, MPN, or breast cancer. These panels are designed in the application by collecting all the targets and then processing them within the application to generate the relevant amplicons. 

A custom panel is a panel that is designed on the fly in Tapestri Designer. These panels are user-specific. Designing a custom panel is a way to create panels with targets that address specific needs. Custom panels can be created by adding an entirely new panel with new targets or based on any of the catalog panels by clicking the Copy button on the panel details page.

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