Sharing a custom panel

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Mission Bio’s Tapestri Designer now allows you to share your custom panels with other users.  

  1. Log into your Mission Bio account on Tapestri Portal and launch Tapestri Designer.

  2. On the homepage, click on the custom panel name from the Custom Panels dashboard. This opens the panel details page.

  3. Click More Actions, and a dropdown menu will appear.

  4. Click the Share button to share the custom panel with other users. The share panel screen will appear.

  5. In the Email field, add the email IDs of other users who have an account on Tapestri Portal, separated with either a comma (,) or semicolon (;).

  6. Add personal Notes up to 10,000 characters and click Save

This sends an email to the recipient's email IDs. Those users can then access the shared panel after logging into Mission Bio Portal. 

Once you share a panel, you can never delete it. The people you share it with can delete it, however.

Note: Panels can only be shared with existing users who have an account on Mission Bio Tapestri Portal and have opened Tapestri Designer. Once those two conditions are met, panels can be shared with them.

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