Why do I have to remove oil from my emulsion tubes?

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After the Encapsulation program and Barcoding program complete, the total volume(s) in each collection tube(s) is typically more than 100 μL. In order to thermal-control and preserve the emulsion layer (white layer) on the thermal cycler, the total volume of emulsion + oil should be ~100 μL level of the collection tube, and thermal cyclers should be used with 100 μL blocks.

As a result, we require you to remove oil volume from the bottom of the tube(s) such that the volume ~100 uL. Use only gel loading tips and pipette slowly when removing oil volume from the bottom of the collection tube(s). A sample tube with 100 uL of water can be used for reference. 

After Encapsulation

After Barcoding (1 of 8 tubes shown) 

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